An accurate snapshot of your property’s termite exposure and/or damage status is crucial to the formulation of your battle plan. Following your inspection, Capital Pest Management will formulate a detailed report, including appropriate recommendations for impeding, monitoring and eliminating termites on your property.

Our comprehensive report will contain detailed information on the following:

  • Any visual evidence and the extent of any timber pest activity located in the readily accessible areas around and within your property.
  • A summary of any timber pests identified and a brief description of their potential to cause damage to your property.
  • How susceptible your property is to timber pest invasion.
  • Recommendations for a management plan to attack any current infestation and aid in reducing any future risk of infestation.
  • Recommendations for improving the environment around your property, making it less suitable for subterranean termites and other pests of timber.
  • Report on any pre-existing property management plan and make recommendations to ensure its effectiveness whilst educating you on its maintenance requirements.

Should timber pests be scouted on your property, Capital Pest Management remains on stand-by to discuss and give advice on your options.

Capital Pest Management has over 40 years experience in the industry and is committed to providing the best quality pest treatments.
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