Price List

Services *conditions apply Average Size Home; Townhouse; Unit; Office *conditions apply Service Warranty *conditions apply
General Pest Treatment (Cockroaches, Silverfish, Household Ants, Web Making Spiders) $253.00 (inc GST) 12 months
Fleas $165.00 (inc GST) 3 months (CA)
German Cockroaches $165.00 (inc GST) 12 months (CA)
Bird Lice $196.00 (inc GST) Eradication
Rodents “RatsĀ & Mice” $165.00 (inc GST) 3 months (CA)
Red-back spiders $165.00 (inc GST) 3 months (CA)
Bees & wasps $154.00 (inc GST) Eradication
Bed bugs To be quoted Eradication
Termite control To be quoted Up to 8 years (CA)
Termite inspection $253.00 (inc GST) Nil
Pre-purchase – Timber Pest Inspections $275.00 (inc GST) Nil
Multi Units To be quoted
Industrial work To be quoted
Commercial To be quoted
Pre – Construction Kordon Termite Barrier To be quoted

CA – stands for Conditions apply.

Capital Pest Management has over 40 years experience in the industry and is committed to providing the best quality pest treatments.
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